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Baxi boiler no hot water

Why Does My Baxi Boiler Have No Hot Water?

Having no hot water from your Baxi boiler but heating working could be happening for many reasons. Different Baxi boilers and setups vary a lot and so do the reasons for not get any hot water. I have been repairing boilers full-time for over a decade and have encountered and fixed many Baxi boiler problems. Here I’ll

Baxi E119 boiler fault code

How to Fix a Baxi E119 Boiler Fault Code Repair

The Baxi, Potterton and Main E119 boiler fault code indicates low boiler pressure, so you must repressurise your boiler to fix it. Low boiler pressure will cause your Baxi boiler to not fire up when it drops below a certain pressure. You first need to check the pressure gauge and if it’s low, repressurise it