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Best press fit gun

What is the Best Press-Fit Gun for Plumbing?

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

Press tools have changed the game for plumbers when it comes to copper pipes, they make doing pipework a lot easier.

Soldering copper fittings still has its uses over press-fit fittings but for the most part, press-fit tools are so much better.

I have been a full-time plumber for over a decade and moving from soldering to a press-fit plumbing tool was a big deal.

Best Press-Fit Gun

It took me a while to accept it but press fitting is so much easier and better than soldering. It’s much quicker and tidier, but it’s also more expensive and the fittings are bigger and chunkier.

It still makes sense to solder sometimes when it’s too tight to use press-fit fittings, but if you are doing a lot of copper pipework then a press-fit tool will make all the difference.

REMS Press-Fit Gun

Rems press fit gun

REMS are the market leaders when it comes to press-fit tools and certainly make the best press-fit guns in my opinion.

REMS is a German company that specializes in manufacturing pipe-working and pipe-bending tools.

The REMS Mini Press tool is great for domestic plumbing jobs. It’s capable of pressing up to 35mm pipes but I only use it for 15mm and 22mm pipes.

You must have the correct size jaws for whatever pipe sizes you work on as you’ll need a different jaw for each size pipe.

You can also get angled jaws for those extra tight angles.

REMS Mini Press vs Akku Press

The main difference between these two press-fit guns is their size.

The REMS Mini Press Tool is good for pipes between 10 – 40mm which is more than enough for domestic properties.

The REMS Akku Press Tool is for pipes up to 110mm which is more aimed at commercial properties.

Press-Fit vs Push-Fit

Press-fit fittings are much more solid and robust than push-fit fittings.

best m press fit copper fittings
M profile press-fit copper fittings

Push-fit fittings are pushed onto the pipe with your hands and when they are fitted, you can still turn the pipe inside the fitting and has lots of movement.

Press-fit fittings need to be pressed on with a heavy-duty press tool. Once fitted, they aren’t going anywhere regarding movement, no turning or twisting of the pipe. It’s more like a soldered connection than a push-fit.

Best Thermal Imaging Camera

Best thermal camera for Android
My S22 Ultra with FLIR

Thermal imaging cameras are great for balancing systems and finding problems. There are a few different thermal imaging camera brands but the FLIR is the biggest and best.

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro is one of the best thermal imaging cameras for plumbers. This one is viewed through your phone screen, making it easier to carry around and cheaper than other models.

Check out more info on my best thermal imaging camera post.

Are Press-Fit Fittings Reliable?

Yes, press-fit fittings are very reliable. If they are fitted correctly, press-fit fittings are solid and robust with not much chance of leaking. I haven’t been using press-fit fittings very long compared to solder and other fittings but I’ve never had a press-fit fitting leak yet.


Press-fit tools are the best way to fit copper pipes and are here to stay. Big jobs are so much easier with a press-fit gun and REMS are leading the way.

If you are looking for the best press-fit gun on the market then you can’t go wrong with the REMS Mini Press (link to eBay).

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to help.

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