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Connect hose to tap

How to Connect a Hose to a Tap: Housewarm

Last updated on April 12th, 2024

Connecting a hose to a kitchen tap can be very frustrating but sometimes needed if you don’t have an outside tap.

Luckily most modern kitchen mixer taps have threads on the end which can be used for screwing hose connectors onto.

I have been a full-time plumber for over a decade and fitting and fixing taps is a very common job for me.

How to Attach Hose to Outside Tap

Attaching a hose to an outside tap can be done by using a plastic or a brass hose connector on the tap.

Most outdoor taps have a 3/4″ thread on the end for screwing on different connectors.

Outside tap fitted with hose connector removed

Quick Release Hose Connectors

The most common type of hose connectors push together and disconnect very easily.

How to attach hose to outside tap with a quick-release connector:

  1. Screw the hose connecter onto the tap threads with your hand
  2. Make sure you have a suitable hose connector on the hose
  3. Push the hose onto the tap until it clicks
how to attach hose to outside tap
Attaching hose to an outside tap

Old Style Hose Connectors

The old-style hose connectors still come on new outside taps for some reason.

Old style outside tap hose connector
Old-style hose connector

I usually throw them away and fit a quick-release hose connector when I fit an outside tap, and I highly recommend doing that but you don’t need to.

How to attach a hose to an old hose connector:

  1. Fit a hose clamp onto the hose loosely
  2. Force the hose pipe onto the tap hose connector
  3. Tighten the hose clamp onto the hose
  4. Turn the tap on
  5. Test for leaks
  6. Tighten the hose clamp more if there are any leaks
Hose clip connected to outside tap

How to Connect Hose to Kitchen Tap

The kitchen sink is usually the closest to the garden so if you don’t have an outside tap and want to use a hose, most people will use the kitchen tap.

The best way to connect a hose to a kitchen tap is to screw on a hose connector.

Attach hose connector to kitchen tap

On most modern kitchen taps you can:

  1. Unscrew the end off the tap
  2. Screw a hose connector onto the threads
  3. Connect the hose by pushing it on
  4. Turn the tap on
How to connect hose to kitchen tap YouTube video

If you don’t have a removable end with threads on your tap, you can use a universal tap adaptor.

How to Connect a Pressure Washer to a Kitchen Tap

To connect a pressure washer to a kitchen tap you need to use a hose.

You can follow the instructions above to connect a hose to a kitchen tap then connect the other end to the pressure washer using the quick-release connector.

These hose connectors are cheap to buy and very easy to fit.

Once you have a connector on the hose you can push it onto the spray gun connector and it will click into place.

How to Attach Garden Hose Fittings

How to attach garden hose fittings

Attaching garden hose fittings is straightforward but getting them tight is key to them not leaking.

To attach a garden hose fitting to a hose you need to:

  1. Remove the nut off the hose fitting
  2. Slide the nut over the hose
  3. Push the hose into the fitting as far as possible
  4. Slide the nut onto the fitting and tighten it as much as possible
Attaching garden hose fittings

How to Attach a Hose to Another Hose

Attaching two hoses might be needed to reach your garden hose from the kitchen sink at the back of the house to wash the car on the front drive.

To attach a hose to another hose, you will need a double hose connector and fit it to the two hoses the same way as the hose fitting above.

How to Attach Spray Gun to Hose

The best garden hose spray guns have a quick-release connection on them. To attach it to a hose you need to make sure the hose has a quick-release connector on it.

How to attach spray gun to hose

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Connecting a hose to a tap is easy most of the time. You can pick up tap hose connectors and adaptors cheaply and you should buy yourself a decent hose connector kit.

There are other ways to connect a hose to a tap without an adaptor, like with a bottle or balloon, but this will give you next to no pressure and lots of leaking as you have to tape the connections.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to help.

Please share this post if you find it helpful.


Can you connect a hose to a normal tap?

Yes, you can connect a hose to a normal tap. You can unscrew the end off most modern taps and screw on a tap hose connector.

If you don’t have one of these taps, you can get a universal tap connector to fit pretty much any tap.

Are hose fittings universal?

No, hose fittings are not universal or all the same size. Most quick-connect fittings will fit each other but not all of them.

Most hose fittings will fit onto standard-sized garden hoses so you can extend the hose or connect it to a tap.

How do you connect a hose to a water pipe?

To connect a hose to a water pipe you will need to turn the water supply off and cut the pipe to add a tee-piece pipe fitting.

You will need to fit a washing machine valve to the pipe by either using a washing machine valve tee, or a normal tee with a piece of pipe and a standard washing machine valve on the end.

Then you can screw a hose connector onto the washing machine valve.


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