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On The Job – Boiler Installation North Shields

Boiler Installation North Shields


This was a combi boiler installation that Housewarm completed on Lovaine Place West in North Shields.

Ideal Isar Removal - Boiler Installation North ShieldsCupboard Space Before Ideal Logic Plus Boiler Installation North ShieldsRemoving an old Ideal Isar combi boiler and replacing it with a new Ideal Logic Plus 24 condensing combi boiler in a two bedroom terraced house.

A straightforward boiler installation job completed in less than a day with no problems at all. No extras wanted or needed on this installation – no magnetic central heating filter, no room thermostat or programmer/timer wanted and also no thermostatic radiator valves as they were already fitted on the radiators.

Removal of the old boiler was simple enough. Even though I was fitting the new combi boiler in a tight cupboard, there was no need to remove any parts of the cupboard like on some other boiler installation jobs.

Ideal Logic Plus Boiler Installation North ShieldsThe Ideal Logic Plus combi boiler is perfect for fitting in tight spaces and cupboards. It is one of the smallest combi boilers you can get.

Simple to install, maintain and repair. It also has a nice sleek design which would look good in any open space and a digital screen which tells you about any problems that it may have.

You can also get an Ideal Logic combi boiler (not a Plus) which is a slightly cheaper version.

These come with a standard 2-year warranty, there is also no digital screen and no flip-down panel which holds a user guide for the combi boiler.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

Also fitted with the boiler was a First Alert carbon monoxide (CO) alarm which detects high levels of carbon monoxide in the home.

Carbon Monoxide Boiler Installation North Shields

CO Alarm Fitted to Ceiling

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colourless, tasteless and odourless. This makes it pretty much impossible to know when there is CO in your home without using a CO detector.

Find out how to get a free carbon monoxide detector UK with a new combi boiler installation.

CO is created when gas burns and can lead serious health problems when inhaled, sometimes death.

The flue (large pipe at the top) on a combi boiler passes those burned gas fumes to outside the home. A carbon monoxide alarm will beep like a smoke alarm if there are any fumes leaking from the boiler, or any other gas appliances, into your home.


Boiler Installation Completed

Cupbord Boiler Installation North ShieldsThe heating system was left that day with a chemical central heating system cleaner in for a few days and then flushed before the boiler was commissioned and protected with central heating inhibitor.

When the combi boiler installation was complete, I registered the 7-year warranty with Ideal boilers and I also registered the boiler installation with the Gas Safe Register. Warranty information and a building regulations document were sent to the customer within a couple of weeks.

A Housewarm sticker was stuck on the new combi boiler with the date of when the first boiler service is due next year. This is so the customer can easily check when it’s due and have plenty time to book a service so the warranty is valid.

The combi boiler warranty on an Ideal Logic Plus covers parts and labour. You must get a boiler service every year for the warranty to be valid.


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