Get Affordable Boiler Repairs

We understand that most people think boiler repairs cost an arm and a leg, or even that you may have to fork out for a new boiler installation.

So, our system for boiler repairs gives you the best possible money saving solution.

Housewarm does our best to offer very affordable boiler repairs from a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

  • No call out fees
  • Free fixed price quotes on all boiler repairs
  • Unlike other boiler repair companies, we do not charge you a penny until we find the problem, and then let you know exactly how much it is going to cost to repair it
Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers Newcastle
Should I leave it For Now?

Boiler repairs needn’t be as costly as you think. Some people choose to not get their boiler repaired straight away. They think that they can live without hot water for a while because the central heating and radiators are working fine.

This can sometimes lead to more damage to your boiler, and therefore, more expensive to repair your boiler when your boiler eventually does get repaired.

The Gas Safe Register

Housewarm will send a qualified Gas Safe registered heating engineer to talk you through your options, so you can decide the best solution for you.

We will give you free plumbers advice about your boiler as some old boilers are not worth repairing, or may be too old to get parts for.

Sometimes a new boiler installation will work out cheaper in the long run.

Boiler Problems

Get in touch now for info or to book a free boiler repair quote if your boiler is –

  • Not producing hot water
  • Hot water is temperamental
  • Hot water is not very hot
  • No central heating
  • Making strange noises
  • Leaking
  • Totally shut down
  • Any other problems

Small boiler problems can lead to bigger problems if not repaired straight away. Getting a boiler service once a year can help to prevent boiler repairs being needed.

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