Boiler Servicing

Newcastle upon Tyne


Boiler Service

Keep on top of your boiler with an annual boiler service to help prevent boiler repairs and keep things running smoothly.

What does a boiler service include?

Boiler services includes a check on everything on the boiler to make sure all is good and safe, especially the flue, and the cleaning of any parts that might need cleaning.

If you're having problems with your boiler, or it's broken down, you can book a gas engineer for a one off boiler repair as a service won't fix your broken boiler.

This will help to keep it running as efficiently as possible and the gas engineer should be able to help to identify any boiler or heating problems that may not be obvious to the user, but could cause your boiler to fail if it's not found and fixed early.

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Boiler Service Cost

Yearly boiler servicing is very important to help keep it running smoothly, and to make sure everything is safe.

How much?

A boiler service in Newcastle from Housewarm costs £70 with no VAT to pay.


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Housewarm is a small, local heating and plumbing services company going strong for over a decade.

We have all the plumbing tools, knowledge and experience needed to carry out your heating and plumbing jobs to a high standard. 

With no call out fees and free fixed price quotes, we can offer recommended and reliable boiler services at competitive prices.