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How to drain a radiator

How to Drain a Radiator Without Draining the System

Emptying a single radiator is sometimes useful for adding chemicals, replacing the radiator, or connecting a hose to the radiator valve for draining the system when there’s no drain off valve. I have been a full-time heating engineer for over a decade and have drained many central heating systems and single radiators over the years.

How to put inhibitor in central heating system

How to Add Inhibitor to Central Heating: Complete Guide

Not having inhibitor in your heating system can cause all sorts of problems. Central heating inhibitor will protect your system against corrosion, limescale and essentially make your heating system last longer. I have been a full-time heating engineer for over a decade and have fixed and replaced my fair share of radiators and heating systems.

Radiator not heating up

Radiator Not Heating Up Guide: 7 Top Causes and Fixes

Whether it’s one radiator not working or two radiators or more, a cold radiator means there’s a problem with your central heating system that needs to be fixed to get the hot water flowing through again. I have been a full-time heating engineer fitting and fixing central heating systems for over a decade. Here I’ll