Radiator Balancing in Newcastle upon Tyne


Housewarm is a local business carrying out radiator balancing in Newcastle upon Tyne, going strong for over a decade.

My name is Steven and I was born in Newcastle general hospital in 1979. I incorporated Housewarm Limited in 2011 to provide heating and plumbing services to homes in my local home town area.

I have all the plumbing tools, knowledge and experience needed to carry out heating and plumbing jobs to a high standard. 

With no call out fees and free fixed price quotes, I can offer a recommended and experienced heating engineer for balancing radiators at competitive prices.

Steven Reid Housewarm
Steven - Heating Engineer

Central Heating Radiator Balancing

Get an experienced central heating engineer to balance your radiators and make them get an equal amount of heat.




Frequent questions and answers

Yes, I can guarantee all work carried out by Housewarm for a full 12 months and I will fix any problems caused by the installation or work done. 

Brand new parts typically come with a 12 month warranty from the supplier, but sometimes second hand parts for boiler repairs are the best (or only) option and might not have a warranty.

Radiator balancing is the process of adjusting the flow of hot water through each radiator in a heating system to ensure an even distribution of heat throughout the building.

Uneven heating in different rooms, cold spots, or excessive noise from the radiator system are indicators that your radiators may need balancing.

Yes, radiator balancing can be a DIY task. You will need to adjust the lockshield valve on each radiator to control the flow of water.

However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable doing it yourself, it’s advisable to consult with a professional heating engineer.

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