Cap Off Gas Service in Newcastle upon Tyne


Housewarm is a local business carrying out gas supply capping off in Newcastle upon Tyne, going strong for over a decade.

My name is Steven and I was born in Newcastle General Hospital in 1979. I incorporated Housewarm Limited in 2011 to provide heating and plumbing services to homes in my local hometown area.

I have all the plumbing tools, knowledge and experience needed to carry out heating and plumbing jobs to a high standard. 

With no call out fees and free fixed price quotes, I can offer a recommended and experienced gas engineer for capping off gas supplies at competitive prices.

Steven Reid Housewarm
Steven - Gas Engineer

Capp Off Gas Supply Pipe

Get your unwanted or unsafe gas applaince or gas pipe removed from an experienced gas engineer.




Frequent questions and answers

You might need to cap off a gas supply for many reasons.

Here are some of the most common I come across:

  • Replacing a gas hob for an electric hob
  • Removing a gas fire
  • Removing a gas pipe that’s in the way

Brass and copper are the materials usually used to cap off a gas pipe.

A brass compression blank nut can be used if it is going to be accessible, however, it must be a copper blank sealed with solder or a press fit gun if it’s not going to be left accessible.

No, capping off a gas supply is definitely not a DIY task. You have to be competent to work on gas, and every time you cap a gas supply off you have to do a tightness test before and after to make sure you haven’t left a gas leak.

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