Gas Safety Certificates in Newcastle upon Tyne


Housewarm is a local business carrying out gas safety certificates in Newcastle upon Tyne, going strong for over a decade.

My name is Steven and I was born in Newcastle general hospital in 1979. I incorporated Housewarm Limited in 2011 to provide heating and plumbing services to homes in my local home town area.

I have all the plumbing tools, knowledge and experience needed to carry out heating and plumbing jobs to a high standard. 

With no call out fees and free fixed price quotes, I can offer a recommended and experienced gas engineer for landlords gas safety certificates at competitive prices.

Landlord Gas Safety Check

Gas Safety Record (CP12)

How Often?

All gas appliances in rental properties that are owned by the landlord must be inspected for safety every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


On a gas safety check, we will inspect and test all of your gas appliances and issue you and your tenants with a certificate of our findings via email.

Previously known as a CP12 by Corgi, gas safety certificate records must be kept for at least two years.

Unsafe Situations

We will deal with any unsafe situations we may come across by following the latest Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) by IGEM. (formerly TB001).

Carbon Monoxide

Protect yourself and your tenants from carbon monoxide poisoning by making sure your gas appliances are safe.

A carbon monoxide detector can save lives and an alarm must fitted on all gas burning appliances in rental properties.



Text and Email Alerts

Sign up at to get email or text alerts so you don't forget to get your gas appliances checked.

This service is provided by the Gas Safe Register.

Gas Safety Certificate Cost

A gas safety check from Housewarm costs £60 including VAT, this covers a boiler and a gas hob if you have one.
Additional costs:
Gas cooker - £10
Gas fire - £20

Landlords Responsibilities

Find out all your gas safety responsibilities as a landlord to help keep your tenants safe - Gas Safe Register landlords gas safety information.

All gas appliances owned by the homeowner must be added to the inspection certificate or capped off from the gas supply.


Frequent questions and answers

If there are safety issues identified, the engineer will provide a list of defects, and it is the responsibility of the landlord or homeowner to address and rectify these issues.

A new Gas Safety Certificate will be issued once the necessary repairs have been made.

Landlords are required to have a Gas Safety Certificate renewed annually. This ensures that gas appliances in rental properties are safe for tenants.

Only Gas Safe registered engineers are legally allowed to inspect and issue Gas Safety Certificates.

The Gas Safety Check involves inspecting and testing gas appliances, flues, and fittings to ensure they are safe to use. This includes checking for gas leaks, proper ventilation, and combustion.

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