Book a landlords gas safety check now.

A landlords gas safety check, also known as a CP12, is needed on all rental properties.

You need a new inspection, carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, every 12 Months.

When you have a new boiler installation, your boiler is covered for 12 months after the installation date for safety, no need for a new gas safety certificate until your next one is due.

They are needed to make sure that the gas meter and all of the gas pipework in the property is safe, and that all gas appliances connected to it are safe to use.

You will receive a landlords gas safety check certificate on all gas safety inspections carried out.

There will be three copies of the certificate, one for each of the following –

A gas safety inspection, with only one gas appliance in the property, will cost £50 including VAT.

Each additional gas appliance will cost an additional £10.

All gas appliances in the property must be inspected and added to the gas safety certificate.

Most properties have a boiler. If your property has a boiler and no other gas appliances, then this will cost £50 including VAT.

If you have a gas boiler and a gas cooker, or a gas boiler and a gas fire, this will cost £60 including VAT. Three Gas Appliances £70 If you have three gas appliances, for example, a gas boiler, a gas cooker, and a gas fire, this will cost £70 including VAT.

Each additional gas appliance will cost an additional £10.When carrying out gas safety checks, sometimes gas appliances fail because they’re dangerous and must be repaired or disconnected from the gas supply.

Sometimes they can not be repaired, typically on really old appliances.

If a gas appliance fails then we will cap it off from the gas supply free of charge.

If you would like it completely taken out and removed from the property, or replaced, then I will give you a price to remove or replace it.

Often referred to as a CP12, having a regular gas safety check is intended to save lives.

There are many potential dangers that most people wouldn’t notice when it comes to natural gas and carbon monoxide, gas engineers come across them every day.

Although having a carbon monoxide detector alarm is common now, there are still homes that do not have any.

It is highly recommended to have at least one CO alarm in your home, and that it is tested and replaced when needed Get a 20% discount on a boiler service if you get it serviced at the same time as your boiler is being inspected on a gas safety check.