Radiator installations are one of our main services along with boiler installations. We can supply and install any central heating radiators in your home, and also all of the pipes if needed.

You will normally need new radiator valves with new radiator installations also, as these do not come with radiators unless its a package deal from the shop selling them.

Thermostatic radiator valves are your typical valves nowadays, therefore, we fit them on pretty much all radiators that we install.

Central heating radiators come in all shapes and sizes. Standard household radiators are normally single or double panel radiators. New panel radiators now are convector panel radiators, which have fins behind the panels to help give off more heat.

These are the most common type of radiators you come across in homes due to the high amount of heat they can produce, combined with the low price, which helps to keep your radiator installation costs down.

Towel radiators, often called towel rails or towel warmers, mostly come in chrome or white and are fitted in bathrooms. They are good for hanging towels on and do not give off very much heat compared to a panel radiator.

You can also get column radiators, which are made with a more heavy duty steel. These do not produce as much heat as panel radiators for their size and are also more expensive. Column radiators are wall mounted.

Cast iron radiators are a floor standing, heavy duty, traditional kind of radiators. Can be very expensive, but also very nice looking and can create a real focal point in a room. Again, they do not give out as much heat as a panel radiator.

There are also lots of different designer radiators out there to suit any style home or room. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you will always find one to fit your needs.

If you have a radiator leak with water coming from a radiator valve, then you will probably need to replace the valve. Sometimes, you can fix the leak by tightening the nut.

If you have a leak coming through the panel, or through any part of the actual radiator, then you will need to replace your radiator.